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About Indie LAgone

Get to Know Indie LAgone


Indie Lagone's music is a myriad wall of sound comprised of a hard rock feel shadowed by sleek undertones and is filled with genre defying ideas. Lagone's lyrical content is engulfed in the introspection, addictions and rising above adversity.

The songs are all balanced by a twist of musical sensibility that is grounded by an idea of not overworking rhythms and melodies. Songwriting within the band is all hinged on the thought that a good song should influence, stand alone and not be overplayed. It is not how many notes you can play but how you can get them to collide and react with one another. The band has attempted to create a mood reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino film.

At the center of Indie Lagone is Allen Swank who says he draws influence from greats like Depech Mode, INXS, Billy Idol, The Cult, The Stray Cats and The Cure. The combination of classic influence combined with the love for the more modern sounds of bands such as 21 Pilots, Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars have spun into a writing style with a sound and vibe all of its own.

The foundation of Indie Lagone started many years back as Allen began fronting bands out of Knoxville, Tennessee. From straight up rock of Mirror Mirror to the super heavy sounds of Malice in Wonderland. Swank cut his teeth in front of crowds. Fans had the chance to watch him grow right in front of them. Sharing the stage with bands like 311 and Fear Factory he was able to learn from people who took the craft of entertainment seriously.

Swank teamed up with friend and former band mate, Scott Belcher (bassist/vocalist) in 2011. They immediately began the stitching process that helped to define what is now Indie Lagone. Scott's bass reaches into the chest and is laden with tasteful counter melodies, allowing the songs to ebb and flow. His knowledge and experience in songwriting and theory would prove an asset when it came to writing and getting the songs parts to seamlessly slide into and react to one another.

The band all have the same idea when it comes to how they want the fan and listener to feel and react. They want them to feel enveloped by the mood of the music and to feel a sense of engagement. For this to happen the song has to come first, not the player. This is what keeps Indie Lagone driving forward into the future.

For the first time Swank , Belcher have the chance to share a vision and do a little soul searching for all. Guitarist Jason Godfrey, drummer Scott Fugate have been an intricate part of the Knoxville music scene for years when they came into the fold it helped to create what is now a writing powerhouse. Indie Lagone is a melding together of personal trial and the abstract experience of others. With the different personalities that the band is comprised of they have managed to create a high energy and blistering live show that fans can easily relate to and embrace.

The release of the EP "Best Regrets" was released online in mid 2011. A compilation of memorable hooks melded with heavy smooth grooves and sometimes dark subject matter.

The band hit the studio again in July 2012 to record a collection of songs that will be considered a timeline more than an album release. "Chatter". The material was recorded at Beech Creek Studios in Nashville, Bro-sound and Hi-Fi studios in Knoxville. Logistical issues kept the bands release of the songs at a stand still. Biting the bullet the band gave up on the project with seeing no end to the issues that surrounded the recordings.

Releasing singles instead of full Albums Indie Lagone attempted to provide a continuous feed of material to fans. Scars are the Mend along with it's video was released in May of 2013. Hauntings in Hindsight followed in July. 

2014 was a great year for the band. To top off 2014 Indie LAgone released "STUNNED". The anticipated EP and follow up to their previous single releases. 

The band is once again recording with Brian Vodihn of the post grunge band 10 Years. The band have released "Remember". A hard hitting single with an accompanying video. The follow up single Waters was released in January followed by I Pray and Fire.

The band has been busy recording and preparing for the release of their next effort "The Brookwood Sessions" due in Fall of "18.

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